Bergpoesie einer Bergpoetin

Oder ist Waldpoesie einer Waldpoetin zutreffender?

Eine neue Kurzgeschichte

Vor Kurzem, um genau zu sein am Tag der Tag- und Nachtgleiche, war ja eine teilweise Sonnenfinsternis zu sehen. Da außerdem der Neumond auf diesen Tag fiel, sah ich mich gemüßigt, eine Fortsetzung für meine kleine Geschichte Full Moon Winternight zu schreiben.


A few years have passed since the good witch had failed with her winternight ritual. She knew that the ritual itself had been faultless, but that evil witch on the other hilltop had simply performed a stronger one. Damn werewolves! But this time there was no way those creatures could spoil her ritual. After all, the werewolves‘ special powers are only available during the full moon, and this was a new moon. A new moon on the day of the spring equinox, which is an even more powerful combination than a full moon in the winternight. And on top of all, where would be a solar eclipse during the day.

So our witch set out to her hill in the mid-morning to prepare the site for the evening ritual during the eclipse. Using holy smoke and St. John’s wort for the circle this time, she managed to build up really strong protections in such a short time that she was able to get to this other hilltop before the eclipse was over and seal it against that evil witch. After that she went home to have a good lunch with the right measure of sacred herbs which were of course grown in her own greenhouse, and finish her spring cleaning.

She then returned to her hilltop in time to watch the now uneclipsed sun set, not without using the sunset’s special energy to power the ingredients of her ritual. It wasn’t long before she heard shouting and screaming from the other hilltop, which of course meant that her sealing had worked and that evil witch couldn’t perform her evil ritual. With a satisfied grin our good witch started her meditation, ending it with blessings of Mother Nature and the five elements. After that she ignited the twigs of juniper she had interlaced with sage before, creating a light cloud of smoke inside the circle. Into this cloud she then stepped to dig up the earth enough to plant another, larger twig of juniper she had started preparing for this even earlier so it had grown tiny roots into the hole, marking the very hilltop with new, sacred life. As the water she used to complete the planting ritual came from a sacred well not far from her hill, this new juniper tree was forever protected from the evil witch. Of course our clever good witch also planted some aconite around the new tree to keep away the werewolves.

All we can do now is wait and see what our two witches and the werewolves are up to at the next special occasion.